Top 10 Health Insurance Company USA 2017-2018

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Health Insurance Company USA (America)

The largest 125 U.S health insurance collected approximately $713 billion in premiums,with the top 10 according for nearly two -thirds of the total .

While being a large insurers does not necessarily mean they provide the best health insurance company ,it is an interesting look at total market share in the health insurance company.

Top 10 insurance companies in USA

Health Insurance Company USA

The Affordable care act has been a divisive policy for the public and politicians but since 2010 it has been a financial boon for the top five giants of the health insurance payer industry .

The expending customer base created by the ACA ,along with higher returns for investors ,have pushed revenues and membership for the Big Five Year after gains.

even through some healthcare payers are pulling out of the state exchange others have made plans to expand into new ones or even into Verticals such as dental ,government,pharmacy and global.

Based on data from April of 2017, here is a rundown of the top five largest health insurance payers in the US.

How many health insurance companies in the USA


All plans that private companies offer on the ACA exchange must be available off the exchanges at the same price .Depending on your income and size of your family however you might be eligible for certain cost assistance subsidies on the official ACA exchanges that you would not get by going straight through a provider .That said private companies can and often do offer a wide variety of plans themselves that are NOT available on the ACA exchanges .

Top health insurance companies 2018

if you want access to a larger array of plan options including different deductible /out of pocket combination not offered by the federal marketplace we recommend at least taking a look off exchange .Depending on the state in which you live sometimes the best coverage is only available off exchange.Sometimes for a variety of reasons the cheapest coverage is also available off exchange .The only way two sure is to go through the process of comparing on exchange policies to off .Online brokers and comparison sites offer access to the widest array of plans from off exchange private companies.


Top 10 USA Health Insurance Company

Top health insurance companies in USA

  • Plans starting at $104 per month
  • Over 180 carriers to choose from
  • Interim Coverage for $0.59 a day
  • A- BBB Accredited
  • Featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Kiplinger’s
  • Partnered with health insurance providers including Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna
  • Get Instant Health Insurance Quotes at
  • Explore Health Coverage Options by Submitting Your Zip Code
  • Licensed insurance Agents Available In All 50 States
  • Compare Quotes From The Leading Healthcare Providers
  • Talk To Healthcare Experts Through Their Toll-Free Telephone
  • Plans for seniors, young adults, individuals, and families
  • Get free quotes through  one simple online form
  • Be connected with leading health insurers nationwide
  • Shop on your own schedule
  • Compare options and prices
  • Accident Protection Plan
  • Health and Wellness App
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan
  • Low Cost Health Protection
  • Online Physician Finder
  • Plans for seniors, young adults, individuals, and families
  • Get free quotes throughone simple online form
  • Be connected with leading health insurers nationwide
  • Shop on your own schedule
  • Compare options and prices
  • Blue365 Healthy Discounts
  • Doctor and Hospital Finder
  • Accepted by 90% of doctors and specialists
  • Benefits Accessibility
  • Preventive Care Coverage

*7     Cigna health group

  • Claim Assistance
  • Home Delivery Pharmacy
  • Health Assistant Online Coaching
  • Highly trained, professional coaches
  • Personalized Services
  • Online Assessment
  • Compare health insurance plans
  • Claim Assistance
  • Online Doctor Consultation
  • Insurance expert assistance
  • Online Hospital Finder
  • Find a doctor online
  • Multiple health insurance plans offered
  • Electronic health record
  • Appointment scheduler
  • 24/7 advice nurses
  • Live chat
  • Extensive network of doctors and hospitals
  • Supplemental coverage and self-funded program
  • URAC Accredited
  • Fixed benefit plans
  • Online cost estimator





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