Padmavati Movie Release Date Re announce 2018 january 12

Padmavati Movie Release Date Back To Return Sanjay leela bhansali


CBFC  returns padmavati  back to sanjay leela  bhansali  magnum popus padmavati  on friday  was sent back to the  filmmaker  by the central  board  of film  certification cbfc citing  technical reasons . source  said the movie  will  be  reviewed  as per  set norms  once  it si sent back to the cbfc after sorting out the issue .the film has been  facing  protest  from various  group  for allegedly  tampering with historical facts.


Padmavati Sent Back By Censor Board, Release Likely To Be Delayed


The film was submitted for the censor board’s approval last Friday.

According to board’s norms, the censor board can take 61 days for a decision on a film’s certification. Sources suggested it would be difficult for the producers to stick to their 1 December schedule if the board strictly abides by the norms.

For now, there is no hint that the board intends to fast-track the formalities.

“When it comes back to us we will put it in queue and see when the turn comes, there will be no exception,” the censor board source said.


Padmavati Movie Release Date 2018 january 12

supreme court had rejected a petition  filed  against the release of padmavati  saying the cbfc was yet to issue a certificate  to the movie.

The top court had added that the CBFC  was on independent body and the court  should not intervene in their jurisdiction.


Rajput karni sena chief lokendra singh kalvi  on friday lashed out at actress deepika  padukone  who is playing  the role  of rani  padmavati  onscreen saying she was not the president of india to roll  out orders on the release of the movie padmavati .


Padmavati Controversy LIVE: Day After Karni Sena Threat, Protests Erupt Across Nation


Padmavati Controversy: Deepika Padukone Trolled Again. Fans Say, 'We Are With You'

kalvi  told ANI  who will tolerate the fact that rani padmavati is being shown as the lover of Allauddin khiljii deepika padukone in her statement said that the film would be released at any cost .she is not the president of this nation .she is trying to provoke us .i the founder  of rajput  karni sena  am saying that this film will not be released .

Padmavati Release Date 2018 january 12

The Indian film industry, the world’s largest by ticket sales, is on tenterhooks. Filmmaker groups have announced a silent protest outside Film City gates in Mumbai – India’s financial hub and the home of Bollywood.

“It’s appalling, it’s absolutely appalling. What have we gotten ourselves into? And where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed,” actor Deepika Padukone, who plays Padmavati in the film,said on Tuesday, referring to calls for a ban.

The film is still waiting for a go-ahead from the CBFC.


Padmavati Movie Release Date 


Padmavat (the source of the film Padmavati) is an epic poem, it speaks of all-pervasive love,” media critic Kumar says.

“Jayasi, the poet, wrote in an era of wars and conquests, he wanted to harp on the power of love, away from material greed. How paradoxical that his work and its retelling has become a source of hate speech today.


The period drama starting Deepika  padukone  Ranveer singh and shahid kapoor has been facing protests  from various groups ,including shri  Rajput  karni sena  is slated to release on December 1.

Padmavati  Movie Release On December 1


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